Makita LXT400 BL1830 BL1840 Drill Battery

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Heavy duty Cordless Drill Battery For Makita 18V Li-ion 3.0Ah BL1830 BDF459 BL1815 BJR182Z BJS130 BHP451Z focus on designing and manufacturing varieties of Cordless Power Tool batteries with high quality and competitive price. We will do our best to serve you!

18V For Makita LXT400 BL1830 BL1840 BL1845 BL1815 Power Tool Battery Specifications:

    • Battery Cell Type: Lithium-Ion
    • Battery Capacity: 3000mAh
    • Voltage: 18V
    • Compatible Brand:For Makita
    • Warranty: 1 Year Warranty + 30 Days Money Back

Replace P/N:

    • For MAKITA BL1815, BL1830, BL1835, BL1840, BL1845, BL1860, LXT400, 194204-5, 194205-3, 194230-4, 194309-1

Compatible With:(use”Ctrl+F” to find your own PN & Model)

    • For – BCS550Z, BDA350, BDA350Z, BDF451, BDF451Z, BDF453SHE, BDF454Z
    • For – BFR550L, BFR550Z, BFR750, BFR750L, BFR750Z, BFS450RFE, BFS450Z
    • For – BGA452, BGA452Z, BHP451SFE, BHP451Z, BHP452, BHP453, BHP453SHE, BHP454, BHP454Z
    • For – BHR202RFE, BHR202Z, BJV180, BJV180Z, BML184, BML185, BPB180, BPB180Z
    • For – BSS501, BSS501Z, BBSS610, BSS610SFE,BSS610X2, BSS610Z, BSS611X, BSS611Z, BST221Z
    • For – BTD140, BTD140SFE, BTD140Z, BTD141, BTD141Z, BTD144, BTD144RFE, BTD144Z, BTDW251Z
    • For – BTL061, BTL061Z, BTL063, BTL063Z, BTP140, BTP140Z, BTW251, BTW251Z, BTW253, BTW253Z
    • For – BTW450, BTW450Z, BUB182, BUB182Z, BVR350, BVR350Z, BVR450, BVR450Z, DF454DZ
    • For – HP454D, HP454DRFX, HP454DZ, HR202, HR202D, HR202DRFX, HR202DZK, JR120D, JR120DRF, JR120DZK
    • For – ML184(FlashLight), ML184, ML185, MR100, MR100W, PB108D, PB108DRFX, PB108DZ
    • For – TD140D, TD144DRFX, TD144DZ, TD251DRFX, TD251DZ, TW251D

Package included:

    • 18V 3000mAh Lithium Battery for MAKITA BL1830 BL1845

User Manual

  • Makita Power Tool Battery Usage Notice:
  • 1. The power tool battery must be FULLY charged before first use.
  • 2. The cordless drill battery is stored in a cool and dry place.
  • 3. Do not Separation, extrusion, and impact.
  • 4. Do not put drill battery into water and fire.
  • 5. Keep away from children.


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