High Capacity and Extended Run-time Panasonic EY9L40 Drill Battery

Discover high performance power tools battery for Panasonic drill from DrillBattery.store

Power for ALL: One hi-capacity drill battery and charger for an entire Home & Garden tools system.
Power Tool Battery for Panasonic 14.4V Li-ion 3.0AH Heavyduty EY9L40B EY9L40 EY3740B

Australia Reliable Cordless Drill Batteries Supplier: Batteryfast.com.au

This 14.4 Volts battery with 3000mAh is the right accessory for all tools in the 14.4 volts power for all system. One battery fits Panasonic EY9L40 power tools, saving the DIYer additional purchase costs. Innovative lithium-ion technology and Electronic Cell Protection from Panasonic mean that users can rely on a long battery lifetime. These technologies protect the battery against deep discharge and put an end to memory effect and self-discharge. It protects the Panasonic EY9L40 drill battery with features such as automatic tool shutdown in the event of overload. This technology also prevents the battery from sustaining long-term damage from deep discharge.

Wholesale Premium Quality Long Life Panasonic Power Tool Batteries

No memory effect, no self-discharge – always ready to use thanks to lithium-ion technology. Particularly long battery life due to Panasonic Electronic Cell Protection (ECP).

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